FAST RENEW, LLC (hereafter as “FAST RENEW” and the “Company”) recognizes that to develop a long-term and
mutually rewarding relationship with its salesforce (“Brand Partners”) and Customers, FAST RENEW and its Brand
Partners must acknowledge and respect the true nature of the relationship and support the Customers.
A. In the spirit of mutual respect and understanding, FAST RENEW is committed to:
I. Providing prompt, professional, and courteous service and communications to all of its Brand
Partners and Customers;
II. Providing the highest level of quality products at fair and reasonable prices;
III. Exchanging or refunding the purchase price of any product, service, or membership as
provided in our Return Policy.
IV. Delivering orders promptly and accurately;
V. Paying commissions correctly and on a timely basis;
VI. Expediting orders or checks if an error or unreasonable delay occurs;
VII. Rolling out new products and programs with Brand Partner input and planning;
VIII. Implementing changes in the Rewards Plan or Policies and Procedures that affect the Brand
Partner with information from the Brand Partners;
IX. Supporting, protecting, and defending the integrity of the FAST RENEW Business Opportunity;
X. Offering Brand Partners an opportunity to grow with FAST RENEW with such growth guided by the
principles of Servant Leadership.
B. In return, FAST RENEW expects that its Brand Partners will:
I. Conduct themselves in a professional, honest, and considerate manner;
II. Present FAST RENEW Corporate and product information accurately and professionally;
III. Present the Rewards Plan and Return Policy entirely and accurately;
IV. Not make exaggerated income claims;